Monday, June 24, 2013

A Tree (Part 2)

The fig trees are producing their early fruit. The flowers on the vines are giving off their sweet smell. (Song of Solomon 2:13a NIrV)

My hypothesis bears least with the testing, research, and observations I've made thus far in my life.  I have never experienced a living being whose origin was not another living being.  Sound too "nerdy" to you?

Try this.  Where do trees come from?  I don't mean philosophically.  I mean in the practical science of things.  Pick a tree...any tree.  Where is it rooted.  How did it grow?  How did it start to grow?  It all started with a seed, didn't it?  Trees grow from seeds.

Now, here's the next question.  Where did that seed come from?  Well, it came from another tree didn't it?  Every tree comes from a seed and, in my experience, every seed comes from another tree.  We have no example of trees not coming from seeds!

Don't like trees?  Let's try this one.  Where did you come from?  Your mom, right?  Where did your mom come from?  Her mom, right?  We have no experience of people coming from anything but the basic building blocks provided by other people.

The problem, then, scientifically is this.  We have no experience of living beings not coming from other living beings.  They always confirm my hypothesis.  Unfortunately, scientists will tell us that there is a definite beginning to our earth and that living beings did not always exist.  How, then, did the first living being get here?  It's the age-old "chicken and the egg" question.  Which came first...and how?

Well, obviously, I believe God started it all.  How about you?