Empowering you to walk together with God...
...that's what I'm "about."

My Garden Walk is not just a blog.  It's one of a series of tools designed to help you see and experience a "Garden Walk" in your life, work, marriage, and family.

You probably clicked on this tab expecting to learn more about me, so I will oblige with a short history and background.

Growing up on the West Side of Cincinnati, OH, my family was a part of the norm for the area.  We were a good Roman Catholic family who attended mass every week.  Like many families, my parents worked multiple jobs to give me a better life than they had experienced growing up through the Great Depression and World War II.  They sent me to St. Catherine of Sienna Grade School, Saint John Baptist de LaSalle High School, and helped me pay for Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, KY where I earned my BA in Computer Science and AA in Mathematics.

I met my wife, Traci, in college and we were married during our fourth year of studies.  With our degrees in hand, Traci and I both entered the workforce as Computer Specialists.  Over the next 14 years, I worked in the fields of technology, engineering, sales, and marketing for two major companies.  Traci and I had our three beautiful children: Rebecca, Amanda, and Joshua.  During this time, my faith grew dramatically.

Traci and I found a church home, White Oak Christian Church, where we and our family would continue to learn and grow in our faith.  I didn't see myself as leaving the Catholic (universal) Church because I continue to worship the same Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that I had always worshiped.  I simply worship the same God with different people in a different building.

I found myself wanting to grow in my understanding of Scripture, so I attended Cincinnati Christian University (formerly Cincinnati Bible Seminary) and received a Master of Ministry degree in Theological Studies.  After completing my studies, I moved to Valparaiso, IN to plant a new church, Life Bridge Christian Church, through Ignite Church Planting (formerly the CDEA).  Our goal was to plant a new church to reach new people.  It worked.

On a personal level I found my faith growing simpler as I grew in knowledge of His Word and, correspondingly, in wisdom.  I started to see that the many, many things the Church chooses to fight over are simply not worth the effort.

Walking together with God really is easier than we realize.  I began putting that "simpler" picture together using Scripture as my guide.  Hearkening back to the Garden of Eden, I refer to this picture as a "Garden Walk."

Much like the Apostle Paul, I now teach people about the Garden Walk wherever someone is willing to listen.  While there is great detail to the picture because of the sheer number of Scripture passages involved, it's actually quite easy to see, understand, and experience.  God really does empower us to walk together with Him.

I now experience the Garden Walk far more than I've ever experienced it before.  I've watched many mature Christians who not only experience it, but consistently live it.  My heart's desire is to help you experience and live it as well.  I'm praying for you right now - that you will find the joy that comes from walking together with God.