Friday, January 10, 2014

Gravity Remains

For the LORD is righteous, and he loves justice. Those who do what is right will see his face. (Psalms 11:7 NLT)
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne  (Psalms 89:14a NASB)

Sometimes people struggle over whether God changes the rules.  If God loves me and helps me out of this mess I'm in, does that mean He is saying it was OK for me to do those things?  Isn't He approving of...even enabling me to do it all over again?  Isn't He changing the rules?

The answer is simple: No.  If God decides to pull us out of the hole we fell in, nothing will change except our standing with God.  The pothole (temptation) will still be there.  Falling (or jumping) into it will still hurt and result in death.  The gravity that pulls us into the hole will still stay into effect.  God's laws never change.  He designed the world to work in a certain way, and it will continue to work in that same way.

We also struggle over the fairness of God.  Is it fair for God to pull me out and not someone else?  I think you'll find the answer to this question equally simple: Yes.
You see, it would not be fair if God never told us about the pothole in the first place so we would fall and get stuck without knowing better.  But He does tell us.  He warns us of the pothole and the consequences.
It would not be fair if He offers to help you, but doesn't offer to help me.  But He offers to help both of us.  In fact, His offer for help goes out to the whole world and to every generation.

God didn't change the rules.  God is being fair.  He always has been.  He always will be.