Friday, June 9, 2017

Live It Out

When Moses encountered God at the burning bush, he did not get on the same page with God right away.  He listened to God’s Word, talked to God in prayer, and then discussed it with other people.  All this helped him make that experience, his faith, and his trust in The LORD real.  This process didn’t just affect Moses.  It affected all the people around him, too.

Then the people of Israel were convinced that the LORD had sent Moses and Aaron. When they heard that the LORD was concerned about them and had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshiped. (Exodus 4:31 NLT)

Then, finally, after this whole process, Moses did what The LORD sent him to do.

After this presentation to Israel's leaders, Moses and Aaron went and spoke to Pharaoh. They told him, "This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Let My people go so they may hold a festival in My honor in the wilderness." (Exodus 5:1 NLT)

Perhaps you know the rest of the story.  Pharaoh did not give in to The LORD and The LORD’s servant, Moses.  He did not let God’s people go free.

"Is that so?" retorted Pharaoh. "And who is the LORD? Why should I listen to Him and let Israel go? I don't know the LORD, and I will not let Israel go." (Exodus 5:2 NLT)

Living out our faith is not always easy.  Often times there is a struggle involved.  But the struggle against the world is always easier than struggling against God.  The benefits, blessings, and rewards of obedience always far outweigh the hurt, pain, and emptiness that comes from fighting God.  So, we struggle.  We fight the good fight.  We walk together with God and help others to do the same.

But Aaron and Moses persisted. "The God of the Hebrews has met with us," they declared. "So let us take a three-day journey into the wilderness so we can offer sacrifices to the LORD our God. If we don't, He will kill us with a plague or with the sword." Pharaoh replied, "Moses and Aaron, why are you distracting the people from their tasks? Get back to work! Look, there are many of your people in the land, and you are stopping them from their work." (Exodus 5:3-5 NLT)

How about you?  Do you know God’s call on your life?  Do you know what it is that God wants you to do?  Do you live that out?  Do you see the benefits, blessings, and rewards that come from obedience?  Do you enjoy walking together with God?