Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wants Us to Choose Wisely

David is on the run again.  Saul is not chasing him.  Saul is dead.  No, David, the king of all Israel is on the run from his own son, Absalom.  Absalom has stirred up a revolt against David as king.  Absalom has a large number of people from Israel following Absalom as king.  Now, David is on the run.

"And where is Mephibosheth, Saul's grandson?" the king asked him. "He stayed in Jerusalem," Ziba replied. "He said, 'Today I will get back the kingdom of my grandfather Saul.'" (2 Samuel 16:3 NLT)

Mephibosheth has been treated with great kindness from David.  He could have been put to death as a part of Saul’s family, but he was not.  David gave him land, restored his dignity, and gave him a seat at David’s table every night for dinner.  Does Mephibosheth stay loyal to David?  No.  He is rebelling against David as king.

As King David came to Bahurim, a man came out of the village cursing them. It was Shimei son of Gera, from the same clan as Saul's family. He threw stones at the king and the king's officers and all the mighty warriors who surrounded him. "Get out of here, you murderer, you scoundrel!" he shouted at David. "The LORD is paying you back for all the bloodshed in Saul's clan. You stole his throne, and now the LORD has given it to your son Absalom. At last you will taste some of your own medicine, for you are a murderer!" "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king?" Abishai son of Zeruiah demanded. "Let me go over cut off his head!" "No!" the king said. "Who asked your opinion, you sons of Zeruiah! If the LORD has told him to curse me, who are you to stop him?"  (2 Samuel 16:5-10 NLT)

Shimei is bitter about Saul’s death and God selecting David as king.  Shimei is deceived into thinking that David murdered Saul and others in his family.  Shimei is lashing out at David, even though his accusations are false.  Shimei won’t accept David as king.

Meanwhile, Absalom and all the army of Israel arrived at Jerusalem, accompanied by Ahithophel. So they set up a tent on the palace roof where everyone could see it, and Absalom went in and had sex with his father's concubines. (2 Samuel 16:15, 22 NLT)

Absalom is in full rebellion against David.  He is mocking his father, sleeping with his father’s concubines, and is getting ready to rally the entire army of Israel to kill David.  Absalom is not satisfied simply denying David as king.  Absalom wants to be king.

God works patiently with us, too.  God designed and created us with a beautiful picture in mind.  God also warns us about things that will hurt us.  Then, God lets us choose.  God wants us to choose His design for our lives, but, in order to do that, we need to let God be King.  God wants us to choose wisely.

How about you?  Do you fight against the King who provides your food, clothing, and housing?  Are you bitter with a King who has treated you and your family fairly, because you don’t see it that way?  Do you openly rebel against our King because you don’t want someone else telling you what to do?  Do you want to be your own king or will you let God be King?  Do you choose wisely?

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