Friday, March 7, 2014

Clear Conscience

They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience. (1 Timothy 3:9 TNIV)

Suneidēsis - This is the Greek word translated here as "conscience" and 23 other times in the New Testament of the New American Standard Bible.  Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries define it as, "co-perception, that is, moral consciousness."  In other words, it is an awareness of what is going on inside of our minds as compared to a standard: God's standard.
"In-Sync" by Rebecca Kersker
I know it's a bit unusual for me to start a blog post with Greek terms, but in this case it is worth it.  I like the term co-perception.  I like knowing that, by definition, my conscience is only "clear", calm, or at peace when my thoughts match up with His standard.  I like knowing that God is working inside my mind to point me in His direction, toward His standard, back to His design for my life.  I will not have a clear conscience until I am thinking "in sync" with God.

Have you ever experienced that "battle" inside your mind when you're trying to decide what to think or say or do?  You're not going crazy because you're "talking to yourself."  You're not going to find peace by simply "not thinking about it."  You're not going to experience lasting joy by changing the definition of what's "good" for yourself.  It will always come back to bother you.  It will never completely go away.  True joy...true peace...a truly clear conscience comes when you truly walk with God.

In case you're wondering, a clear conscience is possible.  That's why God share's His Design with us through His Word.  That's why He gives us His Spirit to help.  You can experience a love for God and people with a clear conscience - and that's exactly what God wants for your mind.

Is your conscience clear?
Are you in sync with God?
What do you need to do to get there?