Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seeing God...Crazy?

When they had crossed over, they landed at Gennesaret. And when the men of that place recognized Jesus, they sent word to all the surrounding country. People brought all their sick to him and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched it were healed. (Matthew 14:34-36 NIV)

About six months ago our local hospital moved from downtown Valparaiso to a more accessible location along some major thoroughfares.  Our church building is right down the street from the old hospital site, so we immediately recognized when the change took place.  Sirens ceased.  Traffic slowed.  Even the building area looks a bit like a ghost-town.  People know where to go when they are sick.  This is no longer the place.

Probably the greatest indicator that the miracles in the Bible are true is the reaction of the eyewitnesses.  People knew where to go when they were sick.  Jesus was getting the job done.  They were being healed.  Even touching the edge of his cloak was enough to bring complete healing.  How did it work?  Who cares!  It works!  So, they seek him out - this great miracle man-healer.

Now they find him.  They touch his cloak.  They find healing, maybe even from a lifelong illness.  The reality of the situation starts to sink in.  It really happened.  The disease is taken away.  The symptoms didn't subside.  They disappeared.  This is real.  Healing has taken place.

Now what?

Do I thank him?  Do I run back to my family and show them that I'm all better?  Do I tell the story over and over again until people are sick of hearing about my experience?  What do I do when this man heals me?

All too often we come to God like He is a medicine man-healer.  We expect Him to take away all our pain.  When the pain stays, we plead with Him, yell at Him, and blame Him for the suffering.  When the pain goes away, we credit science, medicine, or other circumstances for making things better.

But where's God?

Jesus wasn't healing people so he could become the portable, travelling hospital.  He wasn't trying to treat some people better than others.  He was simply getting their attention to let them know that He's God and that He loves them.  He wants to be with them, teach them, and walk with them.  He wants that for us, too.

Do you see God?

That's not crazy.  That's what He wants.